It’s often at your lowest moment when you wake up.

It’s really hard to overstate how deterred we tend to be as humans by significant change.

The unknown is really threatening, and often our egos resist mightily (especially if we know it’s going to change US.)

That’s when you get that real conflict between the ego and the spirit.

We’re already pretty practiced in attending to our ego. It usually runs the show.

But spirit has completely different priorities, and those things will eventually clash.

That brings us to the low moment – a point where ego and spirit can’t coexist effectively.

Then, your life has to stop and go, okay, you guys, what the fuck?

Sometimes this is when you become aware of spirit. And nothing will ever again be the way it was.

In a way, we have to be shoved to the ground and broken open to access the deepest parts of ourselves, to finally access spirit — something that we didn’t even know was in there.

And none of us want to do that!

We don’t want to have that experience, but our spirit is insisting on it.

It’s almost the point of what we’re doing here, actually.

I’m interested to know — what moment caused you to finally wake up?

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