What is Spiritual Direction?

If you are ready and willing to do this work, a Spiritual Director can assist you in identifying and pursuing a path that is personal and particular to you – an alternative to the traditional formulas that can seem  “one-size-fits-all.”

A Spiritual Director is …

  • An advocate for your spirit when its voice is hard to hear and an advocate for listening when you’re afraid of what you might hear
  • A guide through the parts of the journey that are unfamiliar or unknown
  • A translator as you open to and learn to understand new levels of guidance and inspiration
  • A soul companion when you feel lost or afraid on what is sometimes a difficult journey

My job is to assist a massive shift in consciousness that takes place one individual at a time.

Are You In Spiritual Transition?

Paradox of Transformation:

The good news about your bad news

Find out how seemingly “negative” events can cause you to miss opportunities for spiritual growth.

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