Where is the most likely place for your spiritual gifts to hide?

For many seekers a big part of their journey is the recovery/discovery of this most precious part. We often ask “What is my purpose?”

Another way to put that might be “What am I here to allow others to experience? What do I contribute by inhabiting my full self? What am I here to be?”

The reason we are even asking these questions is usually because it hasn’t been safe to be our highest self. Long ago, that part of us got threatened, abused, or banished by someone, or a bunch of someones, forcing us to take steps to protect it.

So where should you first look for such an essential missing piece of the puzzle? Well, perhaps the best answer is this: in plain sight.

It’s not unusual for the spiritually sensitive and gifted child to be taken advantage of by the people around them. People from their family, school, or community will use them (without fully understanding what they’re doing) as a resource. They will feed off the child’s divine connection for their own purposes – usually to deal with their own toxicity, darkness, and deficits.

Since the abuser(s) cannot generate or connect to their own source energy, they become dependent on the child and must keep them under control to maintain easy access.

This requires them to, in some way, be disabled or diminished to keep them from realizing their full power, cut off the pipeline, and leave. What this means is that the gifts are delivered, but at a much lower frequency.

This kind of dysfunction exacts a great cost from sensitive children. These gifts are meant to be shared freely in an atmosphere of love and support. Being attacked, ignored, violated, and minimized damages their connection to source and their awareness of who and what they are. This, in turn, affects their ability to transmit divine energy at the highest frequency.

Also, stolen energy cannot maintain its highest vibration, making the true nature of the gift harder to recognize.

The best place to uncover your hidden gifts, therefore, is in these early interactions. Look for the areas where they shut you down.

When you were told you were weird or stupid or not good enough, or you were abandoned or threatened.

Or when you were used in some sort of servile way. Maybe you were expected to take care of everybody at your own expense, or absorb all the blame, or given responsibility you weren’t prepared for, or tasks you could only fail at.

These are all lower vibrational versions of what is very likely your actual gift. Magical children certainly can have the power to heal, to create balance, to find higher solutions, and even to clean and clear dysfunctional, toxic energy. But they need help and support to know this about themselves so they can do it at the highest level without absorbing damage.

It takes assistance to understand something like “Your gift is to create peace. The way you do that is to be peaceful and allow that energy to entrain others.” In a dysfunctional situation, these children end up contorting and overextending themselves in an attempt to create peace for all the chaotic people who surround them.

In a dysfunctional situation the sensitive and perceptive child might learn to associate their heightened empathy and insight with mental illness. Their ability to follow and share guidance can get corrupted by a parent who couldn’t integrate their own gifts and now requires endless attention, and for everything to revolve around them.

Your spiritual strengths are often disguised as weakness and struggles because you were taken advantage of. The place to look for them is frequently right in front of you, in the patterns that were created as you were forming as a person.

They just look like confusion, failure, and pain because they were introduced to you in a way that was designed to avoid detection.

If your spirit is prompting you to recover your unique gifts, I encourage you to consider working with me.

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