“What is spirituality?”

Paul started to explore spirituality recently. He asked me: How should people view spirituality? What should we experience with it?”

Here’s what I said:

The pursuit of spirituality is different for everybody.

I’m not here to tell you what spirituality is for you. I don’t know because I’m pursuing it too, and it’s going to be different for me than it is for you.

The point is to figure out how spirituality works for you.

But the basic answer I would say is: Spirituality is that sense of there being something more – or something else – going on here.

There’s more to me, there’s more to the Universe, than what we can see.

So what’s your relationship to that intelligent, organizing force? And how do you pursue that relationship?

The spiritual pursuit requires us to embrace the idea of not knowing. It’s not knowable, it’s a mystery. There’s a tension to hold from pursuing something you can’t ever quite understand.

At the same time the spiritual pursuit is always deepening, getting richer. It can get messier, too. But there’s no finish line to cross or end point to get to. The spiritual path is walking a path that doesn’t have an end.

Et vous? How do you view spirituality?

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