In my last ezine, I talked about the shift in focus and priorities that is required as you become more Spiritually conscious. A new balance has to be struck between your inner and outer worlds; one where the success you are used to having to strive and struggle for is now a direct reflection of your ability to manage your interior life.

Some results I have seen just recently include:

• One client described how her small children began to follow her into the shower and join her brushing her teeth, instead of having to have a fight with them about it every

• Another reported that people are drawn to her at the end of networking meetings after hearing her elevator speech. One person has enthusiastically offered to help her write a book.

• Yet another found that large sums of money came to her from several totally unexpected sources to cover lulls in their income during a business transition.

Prior to achieving this new balance, our attention is heavily weighted toward trying to make things in the outer world go the way we want, or at the very least trying to prevent them from getting completely out of control. If this is exhausting and unsatisfying, that’s just the price we pay.

Before the adjustment is made I find people tend to feel isolated and unsupported. All the organization, preparation, and execution are getting them less and less bang for their buck. It seems like there’s just too much to do and no possible way to get it done.

From this place, it appears that they absolutely cannot afford to allocate additional resources to manage their inner world. But that’s the most powerful choice they could make.

The message that is being mirrored by their outer world is this: You can no longer afford to ignore the quality of your energy state.

When you’re depleted, frustrated, and unhappy, your experience in the world will reflect that. So instead, you’re being asked to access a deeper level of your power. Once you take responsibility for your inner world, and choose to get your interior house in order, your life will begin to reflect that instead.

Among other things this can involve:

• Keeping your energy frequency high and coherent.
• Letting this energy state infuse what you say and do, or speak for you when no action or speech is required.
• Cultivating, maintaining, and following some form of relationship with inner guidance.
• Focusing on reading the underlying energy of people and situations. Not just the surface presentation or what is being said.
• Avoiding taking things personally by responding to the information from these energy reads instead of reacting to the emotional content.
• Staying alert to where you’re called to go or take action, even if it doesn’t make sense yet.

It’s not that you don’t have to do any work anymore. It’s that what the work is becomes different. Your job transforms from hustling, pushing, and enduring to getting connected, maintaining your instrument, and feeding your soul.

This is the kind of Spiritual terrain that I help people navigate. If your Spirit is prompting you to have a conversation like this, I encourage you to get in touch with me.

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