It is almost impossible to ignore that we use an “extreme /mega /to the max” mentality to sell ourselves almost everything these days. The adrenaline rush experience is compelling and attractive to us.

It’s also one of the primary ways we use to lose touch with our spirit and throw ourselves off course. We veer from one extreme to the other in a kind of addictive avoidance of our true self.

More and more I find myself advising people to seek balance; do what you have to do (or not do) to find your center.

If you know that exercise or meditation or journaling or scheduling fun time is a critical component of staying connected, then make sure you do it, and assume that if you are not doing it, there’s probably something that isn’t being dealt with.

What most people do, though, is treat it like a correction as opposed to a process. They want to take a pill or put a patch on it and walk away – problem solved!

That’s why I always describe it as dynamic balance.

It has to be maintained.

It is fluid and never-ending.

It requires three key elements:

1) Sensitivity

I’ve been asked more than once, “What good it is to be sensitive?” Well, here’s one reason: it is how we get information.  It is the ability to register that you are out of balance.

Most of the time there are lots of subtle hints before your life starts falling apart. If you look back you’ll probably notice the path leading up to the accident littered with clues. These are very valuable to record and watch for as they are liable to reappear next time.

2) Consciousness

This is the word I come back to more than any other in my line of work. It’s how we notice that there is valuable information available.

A lot of the time we “don’t want to know,” and we try the “As long as I don’t go to the doctor and tell him about the searing pain in my abdomen, then maybe I don’t have appendicitis” trick.

3) Willingness to adjust

Once you have the information and you’re able to perceive it, then you get to choose whether you’re going to do anything about it. If you’re not, you may have to go unconscious or desensitize.

What’s your key to maintaining balance?


Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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