It’s an enormous liberation when we recognize our ego is inflamed.

It means we are no longer completely consumed and controlled by the ego.

Recognition is an opportunity to step back and witness it. This creates some separation – some space for something besides the ego.

This begins with a practice of listening, paying attention, and developing consciousness.

The point is really to boost our awareness of the spirit side so that we can invite it in when we notice the ego is activated.

Another way to think of it is whenever you get those moments of pain you don’t want to face, or an outburst, or an experience that creates conflict, it’s a little red flag.

That flag says: there’s a thing to look at here, you have an internal conflict, your ego is trying to take over. The more we notice them, the more they become moments of coming to consciousness, throughout the day.

That’s how we can train ourselves to keep asking questions and expanding our awareness. We enlist the red flags to help highlight opportunities to choose balance and healing.

It’s also about honoring and living with the truth that: I have an ego, and it’s not all of who I am.

More and more we come to understand those moments of soul joy, those feelings of really knowing ourselves and belonging, as a contrast to our ego.

Those things become highlighted in their difference, and we can start to notice how ego vibration and spirit vibration feel different.

When do you most clearly notice your ego?

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