How can you get more in tune with your calling?

Early on, it’s:

What do you love?
What are you drawn to?
What keeps getting offered?

Look for the things you’re attracted to and be open minded about what that actually means.

When you get that little spark that says, “Hey, maybe I’m supposed to do this,” it will teach you something if you’re able to stay flexible and curious.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “The Truth,” but it’s an entry point. The beginning, or the next piece of a conversation.

We often get into trouble when we get a piece of information that feels important. That touches a deep part of us. This can activate the part of us that is in a rush to make sense, to figure out – to know who we are, why we’re here and what we’re supposed to be doing!

Your brain takes this new information, interprets it and comes up with a story.

Once we concretize an interpretation we tend not to check back in, though. We want to feel in control and want to feel like we “know”. So we take that story and run with it like it’s the final word.

For instance, maybe you hear your intuition telling you to go west.

You decide that means you’re supposed to move your business to California. We love to feel that our life purpose will show up as a career.

So you start on your journey west and since you’re sure you know what’s up, you miss the next spark of insight that says “Now turn left.”

In my opinion, in most cases, our calling is probably more about who we are being asked to be in any and every situation. The clarity and quality of the energy we are being asked to contribute. The love and healing in which we have been sent to participate.

We are being asked to trust that being our unique self, truly and fully, is endlessly more important than being rich, famous, important, admired, or powerful.

What if you opened up to being in an endless process of growth, change and discovery? What if you embraced the idea that your calling was deeper and more vast than you can comprehend – and reducing it down to a job or an achievement was a massive oversimplification?

Spirit is within us, constantly calling. Trying to make us aware if we’ll let go of our version and listen. But if we’re trying to control everything ourselves, we can end up going down a path that was never intended.

Photo by Aleksandra Boguslawska on Unsplash

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