You will fulfill all your soul contracts in this life. The question is, at what level? In light or in shadow?

Before you incarnate, you create all kinds of agreements about what issues you will explore, with whom, and how. There’s lots of flexibility and choice, but the subject, the mission of this lifetime, won’t go away.

You can run from it, you can work to stay unconscious, you can actively thwart it, but the mission will remain.

Those contracts will be enforced. Will you:

-Skim the surface or go deep?
-Come and go or stay on task?
-Meet them head on or deal with them indirectly?
-Participate intentionally or be dragged along?

For the most part there’s no wrong answer. It’s your choice. Either way the contracts get addressed.

The worst people in history can be fulfilling their destiny even having performed horrible acts. This doesn’t excuse them, and I suspect their next lifetime will have to include some pretty drastic compensation for the path they chose.

This is one way to think of Karma. It’s not a judgement or a punishment, it’s a restoration of balance.

We can learn as much by missing the target as we do from a bullseye. Failing is an important part of growth because it can help clarify what it takes to succeed and what constitutes success.

So, a life purpose of exploring mercy might involve being cruel. Understanding forgiveness might include needing to be forgiven, necessitating a betrayal. And a contract that agrees to investigate deep connection and harmony with the soul can result in its fundamental rejection.

Eventually, though, you will have to be merciful, forgiving, and soulful for your soul to progress. And in order for that to happen, after going that far into the dark (by practicing cruelty, betrayal and rejection,) the light is going to have to get pretty intense in the face of some pretty challenging circumstances.

Bringing balance to your life can mean moderating extremes, but it can also mean facing them. The desire to avoid or ignore struggle and failure is often an unacknowledged choice to do a shallow/shadow version of your contract. And the intensity of the aversion to facing this is commensurate with its proximity to the bullseye.

This is the kind of spiritual terrain I help people navigate. If you’re interested in help identifying and fulfilling your soul contracts, click here to explore working with me.

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