I want to share a prominent theme that has consistently come up around many of my clients for a while now. I talk (and write) a lot about seeing the world in terms of energy, the value of sensitivity, and the importance of consciousness in spiritual work. This relates to all three.

The people I work with tend to be highly perceptive – not just intellectually, but intuitively. They “know” or “feel” things that aren’t obvious to the average person. This information is subtle and delicate. It is what a teacher of mine would call trans-rational; in other words, it’s not irrational, it transcends rationality. Therefore, many of them have gotten used to ignoring or dismissing it because it doesn’t “make sense” the way they think it should.

This usually means that an important part of our work together involves identifying and validating these perceptions. This quality in them was either not recognized and supported by others, or it was actively suppressed. People around them often will have called them crazy, hypersensitive, or prone to fantasy.

My clients and I repeatedly look at situations from their lives in retrospect to reinforce: “You knew that”, “You were right”, “That WAS going on”. On the surface the conversation or the gesture or decision by the other person seems defensible, but underneath it can be a completely different intent. To an objective bystander they have plausible deniability – even the person themselves is often unaware of what they are actually communicating.

My role is to encourage perceptive people to put their attention on the underlying meaning. I’m asking them to read the energy of the situation and trust the information they get – even if it seems weird or wrong or the other person denies it (and they almost always will) – and then act accordingly.

If they are willing to listen, their read can tell them:
· It’s not safe here
· That person is lying
· You should do this even though it makes no sense
· This person has something to offer you
· He is trying to steal your energy
· Don’t engage, she is not healthy
· Stand your ground even though they seem to have a good argument

In the moment it shows up as a “knowing”. It’s tempting to want to know why, but usually the time for analysis is after the fact. This is why it’s so important to develop both trust in the read and the willingness to act on it.

I mentioned a new theme at the beginning. It is this: sometimes objective intuitive information feels personal.

Although the information may show up in your body or your thoughts, your point of contact is through the field that extends out from your body. When you enter a room or answer the phone, your field reaches out and collects information from the situation and feeds it back to register internally for you.

At this point the read is objective and impersonal. Even if it’s telling you someone perceives you as a threat or they’re carrying a lot of toxicity and may seek to discharge it on you, it’s just data. You can have a reaction and get enmeshed, but you could also just take in the information and respond appropriately and effectively, for the highest good of all concerned. In this way many situations can be handled by making an inner adjustment that nobody will ever know about.

If, however, you miss or ignore the data it will show up closer and closer in your field until you experience it directly in your body. Now it will feel totally personal because you’ve internalized it and your ego will have gotten involved.

This can help you understand why you’re having a response to someone or something that feels particularly unreasonable or unlike you. You may be asking yourself why you feel so intolerant or judgmental or impatient about a person. Or you may be wondering why you’re so unwilling to do something or go somewhere.

For highly perceptive people, this is often a symptom of having missed a read that is now showing up as irritation or discomfort physically or emotionally. Recognizing this allows them to avoid making themselves wrong and instead look to see what guidance was being offered before they took it personally.

This is the kind of Spiritual terrain that I help people navigate. If your Spirit is prompting you to have a conversation like this, I encourage you to get in touch with me.

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