You can feel how this isn’t an ordinary historical moment, can’t you?
We seem to be completing a full cycle that brings us back to a transitional juncture we last experienced in the 60s. That was the last time we collectively entertained the possibility of significant change. We took a few bold steps into a new reality, got scared, jumped back into the old paradigm and took a second trip on the previous cycle.
It’s like we had a group midlife crisis and seriously entertained the idea of quitting the job that we hate at IBM, selling all our stuff, and sailing around the world. Unfortunately, as we began to put that plan into motion our fears rose up and flooded our system with a crippling panic attack – so we decided instead to see about a raise and try to hang in there long enough to qualify for early retirement.
So here we are, approaching that juncture again. Do we try something new and different, or do we see if this broken-down paradigm can survive one more go-around? It’s always tempting to stick with the devil you know. We’ve made it work twice now; we should be pretty good at it, right?
But it won’t really be the same. This isn’t actually the same juncture.
Last time we were more innocent and trusting; the only limits seemed to be our imagination. Now we seem to be degenerating into a vortex of chaos and sociopathy. The environment is literally crumbling around us. Why is that?
What I have noticed is that when we are first introduced to a major growth opportunity the Universe is usually more gentle and encouraging. It highlights the gifts and benefits of the new world it’s offering. It appeals to our dreams and aspirations. That doesn’t mean we don’t freak out and go into overwhelm anyway, but the focus is on what we’re moving toward.
Most of the time this gesture from the Universe is ignored, either consciously or unconsciously. It’s too big, too mysterious, too destabilizing to embrace.
Over time the quality and focus of the message shifts from “what could be” to “what can’t be”. In other words – It’s time to let go of the way it’s been. You’ve outgrown this stage and you’re ready to evolve.
That means if you continue to resist, the things you’ve been relying on and staying attached to will eventually start to fail in order to get you to move on. The habits, beliefs, and boundaries that belong to the old you, the ones you are using to stay stuck and avoid growth, are going to be taken away.
That’s why so many of the constructs that got us here (political, economic, social, etc.) are breaking down simultaneously. They are obsolescing before our eyes. It will be tempting to try to prop them up and get back to normal. Normal is extremely persuasive. Which is why it is disappearing.
We can no longer use the past as a reference point for what to expect. What used to serve us can no longer be relied upon. Resistance is futile. The future will be determined by how consciously and willingly we work with this shift and make choices from the highest possible place within us. The more we fight the transformation the more it fights back.
Next time I’ll talk about the role the archetype of the Destroyer is playing.

This is the kind of Spiritual terrain that I help people navigate. If your Spirit is prompting you to have a conversation like this, I encourage you to get in touch with me.


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