Confronting my latest paradox

One of the regular hallmarks of the divine is paradox.

To go up, you have to go down…

Something is true, and so is its opposite…

It often feels like a reminder to me of how complex the Universe truly is. We live in a dimension that creates polarity (black and white, right and wrong, mine and yours) and often makes us oversimplify for practical reasons. Then, when a deeper truth is perceived, it can seem to contradict our reality.

This is consistently showing up for me in two ways right now.

As I have been pursuing a deeper connection to spirit, the message I’ve been getting from a variety of directions for a while now is this: In order to invite in more spirit you must focus on your humanness, your “real” life, the ordinary instead of the transcendent.

It’s counterintuitive in one sense – ironically enough – to the human part of me. The part that tends to measure things more linearly, and wants things to be logical.

But it also points to the way growth is more like a balloon being blown up; expanding in all directions. It presses me to consider how the human path IS the spiritual path; that we have artificially separated them in an attempt to make more sense. And it underscores how expecting the divine mind to seem logical or just to the human mind, is typically folly.

The other form of paradox I’m experiencing has to do with my attempts to heal and reintegrate my inner child.

Keep in mind, I’m doing this in pursuit of my humanity. I’m trying to address the blocks and recover the lost connections to my full Earth experience. I want to get back in touch with that essential self that preceded the shutting down and closing off in response to life.

So, of course, the more I focus on compassion, acceptance, and support for the very early version of my human self, the more the message changes. To what, you ask?

That child energy in us represents the essence of spirit.

We don’t come into this world with any sense of what it means to be human or how the world works. We are spirit in the guise of a 3-dimensional person.

Of course, we shift our attention as quickly as possible to trying to solve the Earth conundrum, and sooner or later we become all too human.

But at its core, the inner child represents the spark of divinity that we are meant to carry and nourish and keep at the center of our journey.

In many ways, losing touch with the inner child is what launches the seeker.

Whether we see it as discovering or recovering something, it is that peculiar (and paradoxical) combination of “knowing” and innocence that we are seeking.

If your spirit is prompting you to explore your paradox, I encourage you to consider working with me.

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