A friend of mine once asked me, when we are working with our energy or talking about becoming more conscious, why do we always look to raise our vibration or frequency? What’s wrong with the lower ones?

It’s like saying high notes are better in music than low ones.

I find that what really muddies up the water on this one is that it’s so hard not to see it hierarchically.

The point is not that one is better than the other. Is it better to be 4 or 40 years old? You may prefer one, but neither is inherently better. However, one always precedes the other. It does seem to be that 4 develops eventually toward 40.

So in a way, my answer to my friend’s question is that we seek higher vibrations, because we’ve got plenty of low ones already.

Because we suspect these higher vibrations will help balance out the overabundance of lower ones and help us deal with the problems caused by a disproportionate ratio of frequencies. And because that is where all the new stuff is.

If you want to grow and progress and discover, that’s where the new material is. The rest is recycling (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

To experience more of our full self we must be willing to grow into a more evolved stage of who we are. A child’s consciousness must evolve into an adult’s to deal with the new possibilities and responsibilities of being an adult.

Just to be clear: ideally, we would maintain our connection to our child self (and all the wonderful and valuable qualities it gives us access to – imagination, innocence, etc.) while we add the adult consciousness.

When an infant learns to pick up food and put it in its mouth it is a huge development, but in the overall scheme of its life that skill resonates at a very low developmental frequency. Not nearly as high as when a child can ask for what it wants, or safely create her own food.

Are these stages better? Honestly, I think most people would say… kinda.

But that would still be judgmental. What about if the child were able to create food purely through the power of intention? Would that be better?

Either way, the new frontier is in that direction, and whether out of curiosity, need or the prompting of our spirit, that’s where we are all headed.

If your spirit is prompting you to explore more of your full self, I encourage you to consider working with me.

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