What Clients Say

“Christopher has skillfully guided our group to focus on the spiritual in discussions that might have only been one dimensional as intellectual debates, recitations of dogma, or merely emotional catharsis. He has the gift of being able to cut through the clutter and to ask the questions that leads one to a new insight.”

“Christopher draws on wit, humor, knowledge and experience to create an unhurried atmosphere for discussion and growth.”


“Christopher’s clarity on spiritual issues has helped me become closer to God. His has exceptional spiritual insight and I am glad to have shared my journey with him….”


“Christopher has the wonderful ability to stay focused mentally while keeping his heart wide open. He maintains a high perspective that is not judgmental. I was able to more deeply and fully explore [these issues] because of the safe, nonjudgmental environment he provided.”

“Because of this work with Christopher, I have greater clarity about this issue, and have already started making changes in myself and my relationships.”


From blog commenters:

“What I appreciate … is his recognition that there is no situation we face in life which cannot be approached with such openness, such hope. In the Christian tradition this hope is symbolized by the theme of resurrection, new birth. Regardless of what crosses we face, there is a possibility for new life, if we approach the situation not simply as “test” but also as “opportunity.”

The wisdom of Christopher Carrick’s spiritual direction is that he recognizes this. With gentle questioning, open inquiry, a kind heart, a wise mind — he helps other see opportunities in tests, see possibility where walls seem to block the way. He finds fresh vocabularies by which to do this. He uses the word “God” but is also sensitive to people for whom this word cannot work. This flexibility of spirit — on Christopher’s part — is itself a fruit of the Spirit whom process theologians name God.”

Dr. Jay McDaniel

Professor of Religion, Department Chair Director, Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy Hendrix College

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