Bring Your Inner Child to Work

When you connect with your Inner Child, you can surface the gifts you’ve suppressed, lost, or buried. You can start to understand the unhealthy coping mechanisms the Child developed a long time ago, and how that’s impacting your work. You can move through obstacles and understand opportunities. Discover how archetypes and spirituality can be powerful tools for entrepreneurs (and how to bring your inner child to work) in this episode.

The Hermit Archetype for Consultants

Archetypes are energy patterns within ourselves, and the Hermit is the part of you that needs alone time for reconnection with self and rebalancing. In this episode, you’ll learn how to honor and put the Hermit archetype into action in your business.

Spirituality In Business : Entrepreneurs, Seekers, and Business as Spiritual Path

Entrepreneurs are more likely than the average person to be spiritual seekers. Many of us are delivering our spiritual gifts through the medium of business. Get clarity on your business as a spiritual journey in this episode.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

What would be possible for you if you didn’t get in your own way? What kind of results could you get in your business and for your clients? Learn how to unleash possibilities in your life and business by working with your inner Saboteur.

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Learn how to recognize your inner saboteur and change it from an enemy to an ally – so you can access clarity, stop attracting blocks and tap into a deeper level of personal power.

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