Find Out If You’re a Process-Oriented Person

Have you ever been called a dreamer? Too sensitive? Disorganized? Unpredictable? Unfocused? I was described this way my whole life. It was like I was one of those European electrical plugs that you can’t use in an American outlet because the voltage is different. I felt like an alien from a world very similar to Earth who accidentally ended up here. It seemed like I should fit in, but I just didn’t. Of course, I attempted to act like everyone else… To try do things the way they did, care about the things they did, and at least get credit for attempting to play by the rules. But I knew it wouldn’t work.

I knew there was another way, I just didn’t know what it was. And my lack of results or enthusiasm for wasting my time continuing to try to make their way work for me got me branded as:

Christopher Carrick

Founder & President of Enlightened Marketing

  • Difficult
  • Doesn’t Give 110%
  • Bad Attitude

But I wasn’t wrong. I’m not an alien (as far as I can tell…), however it’s true that I wasn’t designed for this world. This is a goal-oriented world and I’m a process-oriented person. If my story sounds familiar, you probably are too. But that’s not a bad thing. It means that you’re different. Once you realize how to use those differences to create the life you want, everything changes. You can begin by discovering if you’re a process-oriented person with my free self-assessment.

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