What’s My Story?

I get some news from a family member. There’s a potentially bad outcome developing in a situation we were waiting to hear about. It hasn’t happened, but it looks like it might be headed in the wrong direction. I feel my energy shift, my breathing quickens,...
When Heaven Freezes Over

When Heaven Freezes Over

I don’t know about you, but I sure do enjoy the annual complaints about Christmas being “under attack.” Somehow the institution of Christianity is jeopardized by allowing other seasonal celebrations to ride its coattails, creating the dreaded all...


I’ve been observing themes like this for years. My marketing department always suggests I share them with the public. See what you think… One of the themes showing up with several clients this week is the specter of “old stuff” popping up...
With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Thank You, God; May I Have Another?

[Obstacles – Part 1 of 4] For many of us, after we’re finished with school, we never want to see another test again.  Then the “real” world hands us one obstacle after another, and we’re told to look at it as a challenge, or that God is testing us. I used to...

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